Classic Who: Where to Begin
Sixth Doctor - Mark of the Rani

I’ve said before the Doctor Who is very subjective and my favourite serials will not be the favourites of others. That said, the Sixth Doctor is one of my preferred Doctors. I thrive off the banter between him and Peri. Mark of the Rani introduces one of my favourite minor recurring characters, the Rani, a renegade timelord who cares more about science than morals or relationships or any of that other boring stuff. Like most Six serials, this one consists of two episodes of around 43 minutes, making it close in terms of pacing to a new Who double episode. Six, the Rani, and the Master all play off each other beautifully and there’s a few sweet moments where Six gets to fanboy about the industrial revolution. Peri could almost get lost in this serial yet she doesn’t, managing to hold her own in a story full of renegade timelords with strong personalities.

Honourable Mentions: Vengeance on Varos (personally I think the plot of Vengeance is better than MotR but I lacks the timelord trio that I think is more interesting.)

Not Recommended: The Twin Dilemma (don’t), Timelash (no really, just don’t. you do not want this as your introduction to Six), Trial of a Time Lord (it’s fantastic, I really love it, but it’s a 14 episode long season arc comprised of 4 individual serials. That’s a lot of commitment.)

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