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The answer is 4 years. What is the question?

Peter Capaldi's favorite childhood memory

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Clara Oswald + s7 in different colors [part 1]

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Eddie Redmayne, Arabella Golby & Dominic Cooper


Eddie Redmayne & Dominic Cooper


Eddie Redmayne & Dominic Cooper

Stella Artois Wimbledon 2014


Clara/Rose AU - The Early Adventures of the Honourable Lady Tyler and her friend Miss Oswald or Whatever Happened to Ellie Oswald?. (a sort of prequel to this)
Rose’s childhood friend and companion Clara is coming home to visit. When she first arrives she is all smiles, but Rose has always been able to see when something is wrong. After Rose confronts her Clara confesses that her mother has gone missing. Officially she’s been declared as having voluntarily left, but Clara refuses to believe it. As the days march on Clara withdraws deeper and deeper into herself, spending long hours sitting by herself, lost to the rest of the world. Reluctantly Rose comes to the conclusion that the only way to help her old friend is to start her own investigation into the disappearance of Ellie Oswald. Once she realises what Rose is doing, Clara starts to perk up and soon the pair are running about the English countryside searching for clues. Then, after weeks of fruitless researching and dead ends, Clara makes a discovery that changes everything.

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Dominic Cooper, Flaunt Issue 116, photographed by Yu Tsai.

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rtd era meme: 1/3 characters + color

∟martha jones + purple

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tuck birb in, it’s a nap

oh no

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someone literally named an asteroid after jean valjean are you fucking kidding me

now we know why javert spends so much time looking at the stars

Shout out to the dude from ‘70’s that was a part of the Les Mis fandom that decided to name it that because of the fact it was asteroid # 24601

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i’ve always thought that clara’s story is the inverse of donna’s

like donna didn’t believe that she was brilliant whereas clara thinks she’s brilliant on her own. and we thought donna was normal then she turned out to be extraordinary, whereas we thought clara was impossible but she turned out to be completely normal

so if this pattern of opposites continues does that mean the doctor is going to forget clara?????!?!

run you clever boy and remember me



you don’t run out on the people you care about…

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